Badly Drawn Boy x About A Boy (2002)

I was reintroduced to Badly Drawn Boy when listening to a playlist of Mercury Prize winners. Daman Gough has this recognisable nostalgic warmth in his acoustic tunes. Whilst I was listening to “Once Around the Block” I knew that I had heard his other songs somewhere. After seeing that Gough had scored the About A…More

IAMX x How To Get Away With Murder

After my slight obession with Sneaker Pimps last summer, I decided to explore Chris Corner’s other projects and stumbled across IAMX, a solo project. Whilst I enjoyed the IAMX tracks I listened to, “The Great Shipwreck Of Life” managed to slip through my ear dums. Luckily for me ABC’s How To Get Away With Murder…More

Seinabo Sey x Love & Hip Hop Hollywood

I have not watched any recent seasons of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood (VH1) unfortunately, but this scene from one of the earlier seasons sticks in my head because of the beautiful song by Seinabo Sey that was used. “Burial” was played during the scene where Miles is trying to call Milan in seaon 2…More

Sigrid x The Aeronauts (2019)

I heard “Home To You” playing during the credits for The Aeronauts (2019). I thought the film was pretty meh, but Sigrid’s song was awesome. The film had more score music (composed by Steven Price) than soundtrack music. “Home To You” was produced by Steve Mac. “Home To You” was realased as a single in…More

Sneaker Pimps x Discover Weekly

Every now and then I stumble upon hidden gems in my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify. At some point during summer 2020 this magical playlist put “Sick” by Sneaker Pimps in there. I had the song on repeat for about a week and according to my account (that I have only had since the…More

Phil Colins x Cadbury

I remember when the Cadbury Gorilla advert was doing rounds on TV. I think its safe to say that the advert would not have had the same affect if it was not for the song choice. Even when the advert aired on TV back in 2007 it was not my first time hearing “In The…More

Mr. Zoob x Jak Zostalem Gangsterem (2019)

Jak Zostalem Gangsterem (How I Became a Gangster) was the first Polish film I had seen and it did not disappoint. Unfortunately Peter Bradshaw of the Guardian did not share the same sentiment, as he gave the film a 1 star review. Mr Bradshaw is just a hater. Not only was the film entertaining, I…More

Doja Cat x Good Boys (2019)

Doja Cat’s “Go To Town” played during the end credits of this very cheeky film. Michelle Silverman (Modernplanet Music) was the music supervisor for this film. “Go To Town” is the 1st track on Doja Cat’s 2018 album Amala (Kemosabe Records/RCA).More

Marian Hill x Apple

Apple has always used such good music for their advertisements. I think it was this advert that made me really want to know who’s job it was to find music like this and put it on the video. I first saw this apple commercial a few years back, and I had to find out what…More

Janelle MonĂ¡e x I May Destroy You

This song was played on I May Destroy You (BBC one/HBO), a provoking and thoughtful show created by the very talented Michaela Coel. Thankfully, Spotify had made a playlist of songs that were included in the show so I didnt have to search far for it. Clara Elwis and Matt Biffa (Air-Edel) are credited as…More