LYRA x Herself (2020)

I saw Herself as the ‘Surprise Film’ at Sundance Film Festival 2021 over the last weekend. After Clare Binns (a Managing Director of Picturehouse Cinemas) introduced the film, I immediately remembered seeing the trailer for it last year in cinemas. Unfortunately, the film’s release had been delayed due to the effects of the current pandemic.…More

Emile Mosseri x The Last Black Man in San Francisco (2019)

This film stayed with me for a long time after I had seen it back in 2019. Jimmie’s story was moving and relatable. Especially as I have grown up in an area that has been gentrified and now witnessing the rapid gentrification of my current area. Emile Mosseri’s score paired perfectly with the beautiful cinematography.…More

Mogwai x Les Revenants

Les Revenants (Canal +) had a firm grip on Channel 4 during the summer of 2013. I was hooked. Scottish band Mogwai composed the music for both seasons of the show. The standout track for me was “Wizard Motor”. However, the opening theme, “Hungry Face” was also a memorable piece of music. Les Revenants was the first fully subtitled show…More

New Order x Tik Tok x Euro 2020

In an interview with Digital Music News, Alex Menck stated that percussion tracks seemed to get placed year after year. One could say that New Order’s “Blue Monday” being placed in the Tik Tok x Euro 2020 campaign proves him right, the kick drum intro is instantly recognisable. Dark Horses Agency clearly wanted to emphasise…More

Scarlet Pleasure x Another Round (2020)

“What A Life” provides an uplifting tone to the critically acclaimed comedy drama Another Round. I definitely feel that this sync placement has put Scarlet Pleasure in line to be the next big act from Scandinavia in the same way that Tove Lo and Sigrid have found success in UK and US markets. I feel…More

Aitch x Lynx

I saw this advert before a film at the cinema and immediately recognised Aitch’s distinct Mancunian accent. The recent Lynx advert is fun and vibrant and seems very Gen Z focused. This is especially noticeable with the appearance of Aitch, Anthony Joshua and Chunkz. I recently read David Ogilvy on Advertising and he mentioned that…More

Young T & Bugsey x Don’t Rush Challenge

Last year during the height of the pandemic the “Don’t Rush challenge” was all over the internet. The challenge quicky spread to Tik Tok and many other influencers and celebrities were taking part. Tik Tok has become a principal medium in the last couple of years that has had the ability to boost tracks to…More

Ludovico Einaudi x Nomadland (2020)

Last week I saw Nomadland at the cinema. I was very excited, especially after seeing all the awards it had won. As soon as the first track of the score played, I recognised the familiar music style. I was delighted to see during the end credits that the music was from Ludovico Einaudi. I did…More

Alex Care x Internet Explorer 9

Till this day, whenever I think of successful song placements in advertisements, Alex Clare’s “Too Close” will always come to mind. This was the big sound of 2012. One of my favourite things about sync is watching an artist’s journey from being relatively unknown, to seeing their songs climb the charts. Prior to Microsoft’s Internet…More

Arthur Sharpe x Flowers

I have recently finished series 1 of the Channel 4 show, Flowers. The series explores an eccentric family and their struggles in dealing with mental health. I felt that the score was beautifully composed and fleshed out the emotions on screen. Arthur Sharpe (Faber Music) was the composer for this series. The soundtrack was released…More